About Us

Who We Are

Established on June 6, 2018, the company first started under the name of PT Kadinlo Pasir Tiga and further changed to PT Indo Agregat Materials on April 7, 2021.

PT Indo Agregat Material (IAM) is the retail and marketing arm of PT Kaltara Batu Konstruksi (KBK), one of the investment portfolios of PT Puncak Mineral Investasi (PMI), PT Kaltara Batu Konstruksi (KBK), a Private Limited Liability Aggregate Mining Company incorporated in the Republic of Indonesia.
KBK holds a Mining Business License of Operation Production (in Indonesia, known as; Izin Usaha Pertambangan Operasi Produksi (IUP OP), approved by BKPM (Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board) on 02 SEP 2020. The IUP OP covers a total area of 40 Ha (400,000 m2) in Malinau, North Kalimantan, Indonesia.

KBK IUP OP is located in Malinau Regency, North Kalimantan Province, and will be one of the leading suppliers of aggregate in Kalimantan. KBK IUP contains a 30-meter high above and 120 meters deep below deposit of Graywacke rock aggregate that is to be extracted using quarry methods. The Mineral Resources Estimates within the KBK IUP area are expected to be in the range of 80 million to 100 million tonnes.

Number One
Supplier of Construction Materials

IAM’s head office is located in South Jakarta with retail outlets to be established across Indonesia. The Company is incorporated in the Republic of Indonesia.

Our business goal as the retail and marketing arm for KBK is to become the number one supplier of construction materials for construction companies in Indonesia.

It is no doubt that demand for construction materials such as gravels, crushed stones, boulder rocks, sands, and among others are on the increase in Indonesia every year. With Indonesia’s rapid development in its infrastructure and construction industry, IAM plans to explore all available markets around construction sites where IAM construction materials can be supplied.

In the nearest future, IAM has plans to establish a wide range of distribution channels such as loading-unloading jetties and retail yards all across Indonesia to maximize profits through retail price sale and thus benefit all stakeholders.

Our Deals

Commitment to Sustainability

IAM will at all-time demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, both individually and as a firm, by actively participating in its communities and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible.


IAM will ensure that it holds itself accountable to the highest standards by meeting its customer’s requirements precisely and thoroughly.

Great Working Environment

Our aim is to cultivate a working environment that provides human, sustainable approach to earning a living, and living in our world, for its partners, stakeholders, employees and customers.